Galileo Galilei
Italian physicist, mathematician and astronomer

His girlfriend and muse,
in the 2nd half of the embodiment of God

Giordano Bruno
Galileo’s competitor and ally in the field of science

Father Inchofer
Fanatic Jesuit, Galileo’s arch enemy

Cardinal Maffeo Barberini, later Pope Urban VIII.
Galileo’s admirer and protector,
after being named pope also his plaintiff

Cosimo de Medici
Florence aristocrat, Galileo’s patron

Giana de Medici
Cosimo’s sister,
very capable and dangerous behind-the-scenes player

Galileo’s servant,
simple woman representing the opinions of the people

Cardinal Badaloni
Cardinal Angeloni

Comic personification of the worst
attributes of the Catholic Church
Students and their girlfriends, Jesuits, Waitresses,
Servants, Courtiers, Military Guard, Prisoners,
Cardinals, Live statues, Crowd



Mid Belt


Rock Tenor


Lower Baritone




Mid – Low Belt


Mid – High Belt






All Ranges (2 tenors required)